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The staff are your most important resources.

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In BGBAS, we have skilled employees with specialist competence in various disciplines.

Our goal is to give you as a customer a wealth of employees that fit both social and professional

so you get the necessary resources you need.

Everyone can find good people. We find the ones that fit.


You do not have to;

• Employer and employee responsibility

• Salary and holiday pay liability

• Sick leave costs

• Insurance liability

• Increased expenses due to permanent employment


Other advantages;

• You save time and money searching for candidates

• You will have a personal counselor to relate to you

• Our databases provide quick access to qualified labor

• You will lose labor during recession

• Quality assured processes

• Flexibility


Recruiting new employees is an important but also demanding choice. This requires experience and knowledge. Successful recruitment implies that your company and your employees are given exactly the experience, expertise and new impetus needed for their development of the company.


You get;

• Experienced advisors

• Quality assured processes

• A guarantee of safe application processes

• Flexible and tailor made solutions

• Competitive conditions


Our services include;

• Clarification of competence and personnel profile requirements

• Advertising and application processing

• First-time interview

• Reference Check

• Presentation of current candidates

• Main interview with you

• Follow-up

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